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The Changes In Website Development Over The Years

If you think about the internet, at least a decade ago, you’d realize how different it was then compared to modern times. The devices we have now such as smartphones didn’t even exist. The main internet browser was Internet Explorer and the web development methods used were quite archaic compared to the ones used today.

Over this time, smart devices such as tablets and smartphones have become extremely popular. Now, more people use their mobiles to browse the internet as oppose to desktop computers. As a result, web development tactics have also changed significantly.

The question you may be wondering is: How does this pertain to your company?

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There are two basic levels as to why you need to continuously be aware of changes in web development.

The first one is that you definitely don’t want your business to be stuck in time and continue to do things in old and outdated ways. If you do, this makes your company appear as though they are stuck in time and makes customers develop a poor opinion of your business. One good example of a business that was essentially stuck in time was that it required users to use Internet Explorer in order to access their website. This is a very outdated requirement and you definitely want your business website to be able to work on every browser that currently exists as well as every type of device that exists.

Next, the second level is that you need to stay updated so you won’t miss out on particular advantages that newer technology and methodologies provide. There have been many changes over the last couple of years that improved the speed of websites and applications, improved security, added more functionality etc. So, you need to continuously keep up to date with changes now and in the future so that you can continue to access the various advantages given by newer technology.

  1. Javascript frameworks

Since the use of mobile phones has risen exponentially, it has completely changed many areas in web development. In particular, it has increased the expectations of users. Now, developers have to make web applications that act similar to native applications.

This trend has been ongoing for the last couple of years where there is more focus on client side development. In much older times, the focus was on a client-server model where the server had to do the majority of the work and then provide it to clients.

This has changed significantly and now users have grown to expect and overtly demand web applications that are as responsive as possible and are better or at least equal to desktop software and mobile apps. Therefore, this has caused the need for more software in browsers. Due to this, Javascript frameworks have become more popular and are replacing the typical web development methodologies.

According to NewMedia Create’s Managing Partner, Alan Canton, this has caused a drastic movement from LAMP Stack to the usage of Meteor and React which are Javascript frameworks. Even though there are lots of claims that Javascript is easier, this isn’t quite the case since there is a drastic learning curve especially for older developers that are accustomed to LAMP. However, once the change is successful, developers would have a much easier time implementing client side functionalities.

Cyber security has become an even more important issue as there are more cyber attacks now than ever before. These cyber attackers are becoming much smarter and sophisticated and it appears as though they will continue to do so in the future. The year, 2014 was a record for these attacks and 2015 is set to beat it.

The issue is that most web developers are making the same type of security mistakes as they did over the years and even a decade ago. Unfortunately, 96% of web applications that exist currently have a minimum of 1 critical vulnerability.

In 2014, HTML5 became the new standard and this language is always changing and evolving. This is due to the fact that APIs and various features are always being added. Unfortunately, HTML5 is still confusing for most people but it is very important because it helps web applications act as though they are native applications.

To understand the importance of this, you have to realize that in past years, websites or web applications were made up of numerous pages that were simply linked to one another. The issue with this was that it caused slow loading time on smart phones and other devices. It actually was quite difficult and irritating to go through a website on mobile phones since users had to wait a great deal of time for pages to load. Due to this, web applications and websites now use a single page strategy.

When it comes to using the web, all you had to do was open your browser and go on the internet in the past. However, this is not quite the case in present times. Now, there are web browsers as well as mobile applications and our smart devices now constantly use the internet. As a result of the Internet of Things, the lines are continuously getting more blurred. It is now becoming less about page by page access and now about easy access to data and different experiences.