Exactly How Does A Milking Machine Work?

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There are farmers that only hand milk their cows because they don’t need a machine, but there are machines that will do this for them.

They are very easy to use, despite how complex they look, and you can use …

Protein Purification in Biotechnology

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Protein engineering techniques are commonly used in the field of biotechnology research. The techniques come in handy when it comes to modifying and designing proteins. Using these techniques, researchers in the biotech industry can design and modify proteins as needed.…

How Britain’s High Streets Are Recovering After Lockdown

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After the UK’s retail and hospitality sectors reopened, there were hopes that the damage economically due to the coronavirus pandemic would be reduced.

According to data, as much as 29 percent of the English High Street shops haven’t been able …

The Modern ‘Plus-Size’ Label In Fashion And In The Workplace

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Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed a cultural shift in the perception of beauty, in both fashion and advertising. Modelling doesn’t involve only tall and super-skinny models that look unreal. Also, advertising doesn’t make use of those heavily photoshopped …

Reasons You Shouldn’t Forget To Floss

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While it may be something you routinely forget to do, it’s not something you will want to make a habit of. Forgetting to floss your teeth can have dire consequences if you aren’t careful. Many people assume flossing is unnecessary …

What’s Fast Fashion?

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A Closer Look at the Definition of Fast Fashion and Why We Need to Slow Down

In the sustainability world, “fast fashion” is a buzz phrase, and as we keep encouraging the industry to move towards a more ethical and …

9 Reasons Travelling Makes Us Happy

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There is no denying that travelling is healthy for most people. Going on vacation after months of a regular schedule not only puts a smile on your face but rejuvenates your energy and boosts your morale and attitude towards that. …

Eating The Right Foods Can Promote Happiness

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The effects of food on how you feel

There is a lot of information out there about eating the right foods. The problem is that the recommendations from different sources are sometimes not consistent, which can result in a lot …