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On-Trend Kitchen Ideas For 2021

Thanks to the COVID-19 health crisis, many people were forced to put off their 2020 home improvement projects. However, with things slowly improving, there is no better time than now to plan for that new on-trend kitchen you wanted for so long.

By planning your new kitchen now, you should be able to turn it into a reality in 2021. Thus, the earlier you get started the sooner you will have your modern trendy kitchen.

Stone and Chrome Kitchen showroom Surrey, is here to provide you with all that you need. While we have closed our showroom doors to customers at this time due to the pandemic, our services are still available. We offer remote consultations via Zoom, Facetime, or Teams. We are still able to design kitchens and you can either send us your plans or have our team visit your property, of course under Covid guidelines.

We are still also offering our kitchen and bathroom installation services. But we have adjusted our working practices to comply with the current Government guidelines. When working in our clients’ homes, we are keen to ensure social distancing and high levels of hygiene.

Our team is fully prepared to help you actualise your kitchen plans. In case you are stuck and need some ideas for your on-trend kitchen for 2021, we have provided three great ones you can work with:

Contrasting Colours

You need to be creative when it comes to the colour of your kitchen. For instance, rather than having everything match, you can mix two or more different colours. Check out our article Colourful kitchen designs for some awesome ideas for kitchen colours.

Greens and blues are what’s trending at the moment. There is an increased preference for darker colours such as forest green, cobalt blue, teal, and navy. The is also the same for contrasting paler colours such as powder blue, mint, moss, and sage green.

Black is also a growing trend. However, if the thought of having a completely black kitchen doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you can consider featuring some key items in black. As an example, the barn conversion in-frame shaker kitchen shown below has been painted in soft neutral grey, however, for dramatic effect, it features striking black Aga. It also features black worktops including on the island. Kitchen

Hidden Storage

Here at Stone and Chrome, we pride ourselves as the masters of hidden storage! Most of our kitchen and bathroom designs usually come with clever storage solutions that are not only highly practical but also very elegant. And it seems like our leading-edge design is quickly becoming a favourite.

Pantries and boot rooms are perhaps our two most popular hidden storage options. Here is a brief look at an example of each of these.


Pantries are making a major comeback and they have become a perfect choice for contemporary family homes. What’s more, they have proved to be highly useful during the lockdown when families are stocking up on foodstuffs and essentials.

People are able to store all their goods and in an organised manner. Pictured below is a walk-in pantry that lets you easily see everything, and helps to free up space in the kitchen. As you can see it is painted in the trendy Ball Studio and Farrow, and it comes with a gin dresser and wine fridge.

Boot Room

A boot room is yet another useful additional storage space that helps to keep clutter out of your kitchen. A boot room can also be uniquely stylish. We take much pride in the custom handmade boot room shown below. Painted in Farrow and Ball’s Stiffkey Blue, it can be an awesome addition to any kitchen. It also features beautiful satin brass handles from Armac Martin.