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How Our Videography Services Will Help Sell Your Property

Beginning in March of 2020, the country was forced to operate in quite a different direction. The pandemic changed many aspects of daily life and with the exception of the very beginning of the lockdown, we have continued offering property photography services in a safe and secure manner to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. The housing market is far from stagnant and has actually boomed as people desire to move far from crowded cities or from amenities they once took for granted.

Our services include simple walk-throughs to complete films fully edited with the latest advances in drone and video technology. Check out five of our most popular services and let us know if you are interested in trying out our videography services.

Virtual Views

Our standard videography service features the Virtual View, which has become quite popular over the last year due to the pandemic. This standard service is going to feature a one-minute video of a house walk-through that showcases the best features of the property. Additionally, the video is adapted for optimal viewing on websites and social media and can be easily shared. Our video operators are available to focus in on the best qualities and avoid those that are not as “sellable”. We are able to shoot the video in either portrait or landscape dependent upon your preferences and weather. The vast majority of our Virtual View services will include front and rear views of the property.

Virtual View Plus

Does your property need something a little more? With Virtual View Plus, we will offer our standard videography service in addition to added time for editing and highlighting certain aspects of the property. We will also use smoother camera pans, which help to create an even more professional look and shoot the landscape for a wider view.

Matterport Showcases The Finer Details

The Matterport platform is designed for properties that require something a little different from the norm. Through the use of the Matterport scanner, we will walk through the entire property and create an incredibly detailed 3D representation. With this interactive feature, potential buyers have the ability to walk through the property at their pace without ever having to leave their home. It offers a true sense of the home and how it would be to live there. Our Matterport service is completed by skilled operatives around the country, and the incredible footage is shared to both the buyers and vendors. This is a wonderful alternative to viewings, especially during a timer of restricted travel and clients in other time zones and countries. An interactive tour allows potential buyers to view the property at their leisure.

Drone Footage

If you are looking to showcase a property and give it that “wow” factor, drone footage is the way to go. Regardless of whether it is a house in the country or on the sea, drone footage is perfect for showcasing spectacular landscapes and property features. Additionally, it is going to offer a fresh perspective on the property as it is not always easy to get a general scope of the property from a simple floor-plan. All of our drone operators are professionally trained and certified and we have the ability to gain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure all of our flights are compliant and safe.

If you have a home that is going to be placed on the market, it is essential to stay ahead of the and use what people want. People are restricted in their movements for the time being and our services can bring the homes they desire directly to them. People are comfortable with video and know what to expect. At this time it is one of the best ways to get to the masses and sell your home at a premium price.