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How heels and shapewear change your figure!

Shapewear and heels and great collaborators! In fact, heels could practically be considered as a form of shapewear. Although shapewear refines and supports your core silhouette, heels can promote strong posture and create the basis of your polished line. Combined, they are a force to be reckoned with! So how should you best utilise shapewear and heels to protrude the figure you are going for, and how do you remain cosy whilst doing it?

Creating Curves

Combine shapewear and heels to draw attention to your curves! Maybe you want your appearance to highlight your present curves or form curves where there are none. Shapewear is an excellent tool to link up with heels to come up with a look that will make a statement! Shapewear focused at the core compressed around the waist area and lifts at the rear. This accentuates curves that are delightfully set forth with higher, slim heels. Go for a corselette or bodysuit for the shoulder to get that hourglass figure. When you combine this appearance with stiletto heels, you’ll have created curves that reflect along your leg line. Search slim thick body type to see results.

Lengthened Lines

From platform to the kitten, the main goal of having heeled shoes is to assist in lengthening the line of your shape. The emphasis here will largely be on the legs and lengthening that region of your body. If you have long legs, it can play a significant role in your overall look. So you should consider teaming your heels with a shaping slip or shaping shorts. The compression around the thigh and hip area that this shapewear provides is a suitable complement to lengthen heels.

Balancing your Body

For many of us, fashioning that streamlined body shape means we have to balance the different proportions of our bodies. For instance, think about those of us with pear and triangle shapes, where certain types of dressing can compensate for different extremes. Shapewear can’t alter the natural shape of your body, but it can bring balance and tone. Search for high waist, low leg control briefs to achieve that optimal control around your hips and waist. A panelled bra will allow for a delightful uplift that accentuates your waist and complements your shoulders. Mules ad slingbacks are awesome heels that steady your body. These styles avoid the use of ankle straps, which have a tendency of interrupting the line and segmenting your shape.

Keeping Comfort

Wearing shapewear is entwined with you feeling comfortable. The same applies to heels. Looking admirable must be intrinsic, which is why self-confidence is so important. We can be confident from being okay with how you naturally look. So what are some of the pointers you can use to ensure that your footwear and shapewear are comfy, all day long for the foreseeable future? Both are contingent on fit and sizing. When you go for small shapewear, you’ll feel like you’re restrained and even feel pain. What’s more, the garments will poke into your shape, forming bumps and lumps where they previously weren’t. Shapewear that is badly fitted, whether too large or too small, will definitely shift according to your body movement, rolling up and down.
Likewise, heels have to be the perfect fit for the foot wearer, if they want to dodge long-term or short-term back or foot pain due to poor posture.

Are there any dangers?

When the perfect fit and comfort are so crucial, are there any risks to implementing these strategies to alter your figure?


Wear the uppermost compression garments on a limited basis, since they can result in restriction of blood flow and discomfort. Go for well-fitting garments instead that’ll make you feel how you look!