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How Frequently Should You Clean Your Office/Home To Fight Covid

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Office/Home To Fight Covid

We all love to stay in a clean and fresh environment. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken this a notch higher, requiring us to clean all surfaces ever so frequently. It’s only by keeping all surfaces clean (both at home and in the office) that we can reduce the transmission of Covid and eventually defeat it altogether. But how often should one clean his/her home or office, you may ask. This depends on a number of factors. For instance, you want to schedule regular cleaning of the office if it receives lots of visitors, and also your home. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help answer the question.

Surface Cleaning

All surfaces should be kept clean at all times. While general cleaning every day might not be necessary, you still want to ensure all surfaces are wiped clean every once in a while. Frequent minor cleaning should also reduce dirt and grime build-up, leaving you with cleaner germ-free surfaces.

a. Offices

It would be advisable to clean all office buildings regularly as well. Simply reducing the number of workers in the office space at a particular time isn’t enough to fight transmission. Experts recommend having everything cleaned down before and after every shift to reduce transmission. This is particularly important with personnel working on shifts.

b. Homes

All surfaces and tables should be wiped down thoroughly at the end of the day. Although you might not be expecting visitors to your home every day (especially now), you still want to be safe, especially with the crossover of contact. A daily clean of all surfaces would go a long way in fighting the spread of the virus.

Deep Cleaning

While deep cleaning shouldn’t be as frequent as surface cleaning, the frequency needs to increase as compared to past years. How often should you deep clean your home/office?

a. Offices

More regular deep cleans are recommended for the office environment. This is because people from different places will meet up in the office, hence increased exposure. A carefully timetabled deep clean should be scheduled to minimise the crossover of team bubbles. Although it might seem like an unnecessary and too big of a task to conduct every day, recent advances in technology have made it more manageable, thanks to electrostatic surface cleaning. Electrostatic surface cleaning is considerably more effective and twice as fast compared to traditional modes of cleaning. In addition to increased accessibility, this method of cleaning requires even fewer personnel, hence easier to handle. There are even commercial pressure washing services.

b. Bacteria Hot Spots

Particular attention is needed, especially in some prone regions of the home or office. Desk areas, IT kits, and the coffee machine are areas you need to be particularly careful with, in the office. According to research, a square inch of the desktop area can harbour approximately 20,961 germs. It is even worse when you get into the desk’s IT (keyboards, mouse, desk phone, etc.). These areas are considered bacteria hotspots and increase the risk of transmitting minor illnesses and Covid as well. An enhanced focus and additional frequency in cleaning is thus recommended for these areas.

More and more people are spending dozens of hours in either their home workstation and/or traditional office. Forced to work for longer hours, most of these people choose to eat at their desks. The only way these people would maintain hygiene in these work areas is if they make a habit of cleaning the surfaces regularly. Taking a proactive approach to clear and clean your desk at the end of each business day will thus go a long way in combating the spread of Covid.