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HGV Driver Training FAQs

Are you looking to commence your HGV driver career? If yes, congratulations! It is an extremely fulfilling career, and amid the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, it has become clear that HGV drivers play a crucial role in keeping the country moving. You might, however, have some questions – about the job, the training process, or how your life will shape up whenever you make this your job in the world. We therefore found it important to provide answers to some of the commonest questions, and hopefully shed light on your path to HGV training.

What are the Age Requirements for a HGV Driver?

You are required to be at least 18 years to train to be a HGV driver. You only need to have a full driver’s license.

Where Will I Carry Out My Training?

Where you carry out your training is dependent on the training school of your choice. A few other elements will also come into play, and some training can therefore be done online or through video call, or by doing practicing tests on the computer while at home. In-person training will require you to be physically present at the training school, and the driving practice is carried out in the neighbouring areas. You will often mix up driving on normal roads, and getting to understand things like manoeuvres and reversing at a suitable off-road location.

How Many Do I Have to Take?

There are basically four. Two parts will entail the theory test (which are generally multiple-choice questions and hazard perception quizzes), and the other two parts will involve a practical test. Worry not, we will take you through the process at each step.

How Long Does It Take to Attain Qualification?

The duration it takes before you get licensed to drive a HGV will depend on the training school you attend. With Easy as HGV, you need 4 days only, with our rigorous courses designed to get you your HGV driver’s license and, on the road, as soon as possible. You’ll need to do several things before commencing your 4-day course, but one of our staff will guide you through this, or you can get some inspiration by watching this useful video.

What is the Cost of HGV Training?

You don’t have to break the bank to get top quality HGV training, though some training schools will tell you otherwise! Thanks to our perfect delivery of the 4-day training courses (while still boasting a tremendous first-time pass rate), we can help you get on the road for much less. The course you choose will determine the exact course, and you’ll therefore need to get in touch with us to establish the exact cost of your training.

Which CPC Will I Need?

The Driver CPC is a vital part of attaining a HGV Driver’s licence – you can’t get on the road without it. So, if you don’t have a Driver Qualification Card (DQC), you will be required to enrol for the Driver CPC initial qualification. It consists of a theory test and a practical demonstration test. Once you qualify, you are then required to complete your 35 hours of periodic training in your locality within five years. That translates to seven hours per year. And since this training is ‘attendance only,’ you can hardly fail.