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FAQs For HGV Driver Training

If you are wanting to get started with an HGV driver career, congratulations! The career is very rewarding, and with all of the chaos that Covid-19 has caused, we have solid proof that the individuals who drive HGVs are essential to keeping the country running. However, you most likely have questions about HGV training, the job, or what your life might look like once you take on your new role. So we want to give you answers to some of the most common questions people have about HGV driving, and hopefully help you get on the right track for your future training as an HGV driver.

How Old Must You Be To Drive HGVs?

Anyone who is over 18 years old can train to become an HGV driver. A full driver’s licence is all you need.

Where Will My Training Take Place?

Where you complete your training is going to depend on the training school that you select. There is also a combination of elements, with some of your training done over a video call or online, or taking practice tests at home on your computer. Usually, in-person training is conducted at the training school’s site and driving practice is performing in the areas surrounding the school. There is a combination of learning such things as manoeuvres and reversing at an off-road appropriate location and driving on regular roads.

How Many Tests Will I Have To Take?

Technically, you will need to take 4 tests. The theory test has 2 parts (hazard perception and multiple choice) and the practical test also has 2 parts. However, don’t worry since we will help you through the entire process every step along the way.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get Qualified?

The amount of time that it will take for you to obtain your HGV license will depend on which training school you select. It only takes 4 days at Easy as HGV. Our intensive course has been designed to get you qualified quickly and out on the road. There are a couple of things that need to be done before starting on your 4-day course. However, one of our staff members will go over everything with you, or you can also check out our video.

How Much Does Training Cost?

It is not necessary for quality HGV training to be really expensive, no matter what some training schools may claim. Since we have been able to perfect the delivery of our training courses in only 4 days (while also still maintaining a great first-time pass rate), it allows us to get you on the road at a low price. The exact course will depend on which course you take, so you need to contact your training school to find out the exact cost of your driver training.

Which CPC Will I Need To Have?

A critical component of being an HGV driver is the Driver CPC – you cannot drive an HGV without one. So if you do not your Driver Qualification Card, you will be required to take the initial qualification for the Driver CPC. There are both practical demonstration and theory tests. After you have obtained this qualification, you will have 5 years to get 35 hours of locally periodically raining completed. That is only 7 hours a year. Periodic training is just attendance-based, so there is no way to fail.