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Comparing Comfort Suspensions With Performance Suspensions

When it comes to riding quality, it is the car’s suspension that is going to play the biggest role. This is the part of the vehicle that is going to keep the car off of the ground as you are moving forward or backward. This involves a set of parts including the tyres, springs, linkages, shock absorbers, and the tyre air. Each part is important in the suspension setup and has to be fine-tuned to make sure it works as intended. For all sport suspension needs please see Koni UK.

This can have a serious impact on how the car rides during the day. A lot of people don’t consider this part of a vehicle when they should.

Traditional suspension systems were rough. They would cushion very little of the interior making it difficult to sit inside. You would feel all of the potholes and it would be similar to riding a horse carriage on a cobbled street. Modern cars are not like this and a lot of work has been done on optimising how these systems work. This includes making sure they are safe around corners and can handle sharp turns without toppling over on the side of the road.

Suspension is one of those terms a lot of car owners know about but don’t look into properly. Luxury cars will often have a comfortable suspension setup to make it a more comforting experience inside. While sports cars go in the opposite direction and go for a performance suspension setup. This makes it easier to go faster around corners without losing control.

Performance Suspension

With this type of car suspension, the emphasis is on handling at speed. This means you are going to want to get through corners without missing a beat and that is often necessary with sports cars. This is good for those who are looking to go fast, but there is always a sacrifice in this regard. It is not going to do as well with the bumps on the road. This can have an impact on ride quality.

Since there is less play involved, it is easier for the car to be used aggressively. This includes not having to worry about serious issues such as body roll when you are driving or cornering quickly. A lot of sports cars do go through this type of experience and they need to be able to handle it. While the ride quality goes down, the control goes way up.

Comfort Suspension

These are just as the name would suggest. They are supposed to be for comfort and are going to nestle the interior to make sure it feels like you are floating. It is supposed to be as comfortable as possible, so you are not feeling like each pothole is hitting your body directly. The idea is for the car to cushion the interior regardless of how the road is. This often makes the car feel still around corners.

Choosing the Right One

It comes down to what you want from a car. Do you want to go for a sports car that is all about speed and handling tough corners? Do you want to just enjoy a nice vehicle that is going to be comfortable for your family while going out to the mall? There are specific scenarios for both and there is no wrong answer here. Several cars let you swap between options depending on what you want at that moment.

It is not about engineering when it comes to the car’s suspension. It is about the experience and that is what you will want to focus on as a car owner. Anyone that has driven a car with a hard or soft suspension will know the difference immediately.