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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Help Desk Software

Help desk solutions are one of the best tools to help companies and IT departments to handle tech issues in a more efficient manner. Thanks to service desk software, they can better organise their information, automate most of the work processes and streamline their workflows. Here are the best 10 reasons why you should consider using a help desk.

Better Work Efficiency

Office staff can submit their issues and get help much faster, thus being able to resume their work sooner and be more productive. IT workers save time by not having to handle lots of unnecessary manual processes, freeing up their time for more important tasks.

Smarter Multitasking

Thanks to help desk solutions, IT professionals have an easier time at categorising and prioritising issues, thus being able to tackle all issues more efficiently. For instance, they can make better use of their work time by tackling multiple similar problems during the same trip to the server room.

Better Overview Of All IT Requests

The best help desk systems feature a user portal that serves as a unique place for all users to create their support tickets, to view the status of these issues, and to close tickets after their resolution. This portal can also serve to disseminate important information on planned downtime and other such things, thus reducing the number of tickets.

More Flexibility

Any basic help desk ticket includes a title and a description of the issue. Companies can create additional fields to get more information on these issues. They can ask users to provide their department, their floor, their room number, etc.

Analyse Trends To Improve The Workflow

Help desks can help you track a wide array of parameters such as the average time needed to resolve a ticket. This allows IT managers to create custom reports and to identify trends. If, for example, you discover that an employee is very good at resolving a particular type of issue, you might want to redirect all similar tickets to this specific employee.

Better Prioritisation Of Important Tasks

Depending on the severity of the issue, tickets may require different response times and may have different levels of importance. For example, repairing a filing email server is way more important than helping an employee reset their password. A desk help system allows technicians prioritise and sort tickets, in order to address the high severity ones first.

Automatic Assigning Of Help Desk Tickets

The best help desk solutions are able to analise tickets and to assign them based on a set of specific criteria. You can choose to redirect all hardware issues to John and all software tickets to Jane. Also, you can assign all sales-related tickets to Mary, and all password reset requests to Annie.

Easier Setting And Tracking Deadlines

Setting and tracking deadlines is much easier when using a help desk software solution. This can help both the IT professional and the employee to keep tabs on the due dates. These due dates can be either automatically or manually assigned. IT technicians can sort tickets to tackle the most urgent first.

Repurpose Old Information

There are tech issue that reoccur regularly. Thanks to a help desk system, you can record these resolutions, in order for the IT department staff to reuse the information each and every time a new ticket with a similar issue appears.

Rank IT Employees

The help desk reporting module allows you to see how many tickets each of your technicians have solved in the last reporting period. This is a great method to identify problems and to see what kind of value each of your employees adds to your IT department.