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Becoming a HGV Driver FAQs

Are you thinking of becoming an HGV driver? If so, congratulations as this can be a very rewarding and flexible career. Amid the chaos of the pandemic, HGV drivers have proven to be an essential part of keeping the nation going. As with any career, you probably have a lot of questions about the job- what does it really entail? What about the training? How will it impact my day-to-day life? Well, in this read, we are going to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and hopefully put you on the right path to starting a career as an HGV driver.

What is the Age Required to Become an HGV Driver?

In the UK, anyone above 18 can qualify to become an HGV Driver. All you need is a full driver’s license.

Where Will The Training Take Place?

Where you undertake your training largely depends on the training school you pick. However, expect a mix of elements, especially in this era of Covid-19. Some of the training can be done online or through video calls, as well as taking practice tests on your PC at home. In-person HGV training is often done at the site of the HGV training centre, while the driving training is conducted in the surrounding areas. Expect training on normal roads and off-roads, particularly when it comes to manoeuvres and reversing.

How Many Tests Do I Have to Take?

Generally, you will take four tests. The first two are in the theory section- multiple choice and hazard perception. The rest are part of your practical test. Do not fret though, as we will guide you through every stage.

How Much Does HGV Training Cost?

Proper HGV training does not have to break your back, but in some institutions, this might not be the case. Since our training centre has perfected delivering high-quality training courses in just a few days (with an incredible first-time pass rate), you can be certain that your training will cost much less. Of course, the exact cost depends on the course you pick and so, if you want a precise answer, you’ll need to get in touch.

Which CPC Do I Require?

Driver CPC is a vital element of becoming an HGV driver and you cannot legally drive without it. So, if you do not have a Driver Qualification Card, you’ll have to take the Driver CPC initial qualification. Expect both a theory and practical test. Once you obtain this qualification, you’ll have a maximum of 5 years to complete 35 hours of periodic training. This equates to just 7 hours per year and given periodic training is mainly attendance only, there is no way you can fail.

How Long Does it Take to Become Qualified as an HGV Driver?

The time it takes for you to get an HGV license again depends on the training institution you pick. With our school, it will only take you 4 days. We have intensive courses and training sessions that are designed to get you that license and on the road as fast as possible. There are few things you’ll need to do before embarking on the course and our team will happily take you through this.