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Are Hospitality Brands Offering What Consumers Want?

The Covid outbreak has been with us for one year now and has drastically changed our usual way of life. We have had to alter our eating habits and daily attitudes, and human activities in general.

Amidst these changes, opportunities abound for hospitality brands to customize how they can offer services and push products to meet the changing consumer needs according to the new trends. If you are looking for restaurant accounting services look no further!

Recently, Deliveroo conducted a client survey to determine what the average consumer wants and is eating and focus on the most likely future scenarios in food delivery services. The following were the findings of the survey:

Eating Habits
65% of the customers interviewed revealed they have been using more money to buy takeaways; that way, they have something to anticipate.

50% of the survey customers acknowledged they have been making orders for the restaurant ‘meal kits’ as a treat, preferring to make such orders on Fridays.

43% of the parents in the survey found food delivery services vital. Under the current circumstances, “homeschooling” has become widespread and child care services reduced; parents say they now have less free time than before the coronavirus outbreak.

During the lockdown, orders for burgers, pizza, fried chicken, Chinese and Indian have been the highest. The survey also recorded demand for the cuisines found in cities and urban zones such as Vietnamese, Korean and Mexican, mainly from people living in suburban areas where food delivery is not guaranteed.

Many consumers are turning towards food delivery services. For instance, food delivery orders have increased by 43% from 2019 to hit £46.4m by the third quarter of 2020. Many food delivery brands also seem thriving, with the Deliveroo recording partnership with around 20,000 new UK restaurants on its platform in 2020.

Notwithstanding the rise in take-out orders for food, a McKinsey study in 2020 revealed that people were very eager to get back to dining in restaurants and bars. The study showed that dining indoors in a restaurant or bar was among the top three activities people were missing and excitedly anticipating.

Healthy Attitudes
In the last year, adopting a healthy lifestyle has been on many people’s minds. A recently conducted study by Global Web Index (GWI) showed that 48% of the respondents have been boosting mental health and body wellbeing by taking healthy diets during the pandemic.

The findings of Mintel also support the heightened quest for a healthy diet. In its results, 30% of adults have given greater prominence to healthy diets since the coronavirus outbreak. The focus has been on consuming drinks and foods that support strong body immunity. These findings have laid the question of whether restaurants should consider healthy dishes in their menus.

Mindful Behaviour on Environment
Apart from body health, studies showed consumers were also interested in environmental conservation. According to GWI’s “Connecting the Dots” report of 2021, 51% of the world’s respondents wanted brands to adopt more eco-friendlier measures for a safe environment.

In the same report, 59% of the respondents planned on reducing food wastage, while another 46% intended to buy from eco-friendly brands.

Many consumers are looking for ways to support businesses during these lean times, with 80% of Deliveroo customers expressing a strong desire to support local business organizations. Equally, consumers are seeking brands that care for people.

More than 50% of GWI respondents showed strong interest in brands that support people during this Covid period. 41% of the respondents want brands to support many social causes generally. It is now more crucial than it has ever been for brands to show they care about the environment and global issues.