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A Look At Why Being A Nanny Is A Fantastic Career

Being a nanny is a great job that many don’t often think about. Of course, nannies deal with a lot of stressful toddlers, however, this job is quite different from most. The actual environment is extremely different from the typical office job and it is a lot more fulfilling.

We will now look at 5 reasons why being a nanny is a fantastic career:

Not an office job

The great thing about being a nanny is that you don’t need to spend your entire working day in front of a computer. You will need lots of energy, create engaging activities and spend a great deal of time outdoors. Every day that you go to work will be different and quite fun. Since you’ll be taking care of a child or children, you’ll have to come up with different and interesting activities on a regular basis. You won’t have to wear stuffy business suits since your actual workplace would be the entire world.

So, all you need to wear is comfortable clothing. With that said, even while being a nanny, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of having an office job. This includes a well paid salary, which you can keep track of by using nanny tax calculator, career progression and the ability to earn various qualifications etc. However, you’ll certainly enjoy these things in a significantly better environment. You can even enjoy a great deal of flexibility by choosing to work after school or even on a part time basis. This can give you a lot more control in your life to create more balance.

Joining the family

Being a nanny puts you in a very unique situation. You’ll basically become a part of another family that isn’t your own. There are many families that completely depend on nannies and they are an essential aspect of everyday life. In some cases, the nannies even live in the same home as the family. As a result of this, many nannies often bond with the children and family.

Eventually, the entire family will grow to trust and love the nanny which makes it a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling than the typical job. When you’re a nanny, you will get to watch children grow older and be there with them, every step of the way. You’ll be there when they catch their first ball, learn to tie their shoes etc. This makes it a truly unique job.

Enjoy being a child once again

As a part of your job you’ll get to make Lego towers, watch Disney movies and even do silly dance moves. You’ll need to interact and play with the children so that they can develop, grow and be entertained throughout the day. Being a nanny also involves more serious tasks such as cleaning, cooking etc. However, you’ll be able to enjoy being like a kid at many points throughout your day.


Being a nanny involves a good deal of creativity and you’ll soon find yourself creating imaginative Pinterest boards to keep track of different ideas. You can find lots of cool activities for the kids on Pinterest that everyone will enjoy. Every single day would be different and you’ll need to use your creative chops to come up with new and engaging activities. This is quite challenging which definitely ensures you never get bored and get to indulge your creative streak.

Be The Kid’s Hero

As you spend more time with the kids, you’ll become extremely important to them and they will naturally bond with you. Being a nanny means that you need to have lots of patience, be able to multi-task and be fun. You will be seen as a role model and the children you care for will copy and follow you as well as always ask you to engage in activities with them.

This is a great deal of responsibility but it is more than worth it when they tell you they love you. There will be times when you don’t feel as though you’re doing the best job, but rest assured that the kids will see you as their hero.