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9 Reasons Travelling Makes Us Happy

There is no denying that travelling is healthy for most people. Going on vacation after months of a regular schedule not only puts a smile on your face but rejuvenates your energy and boosts your morale and attitude towards that. The benefits and memories we gain from travelling are innumerable. That being said, here are several reasons why travelling makes us happy.

  1. Studies Prove Travelling is the Secret to Happiness

Well, this is an assumption we would like to take after looking at the results of a study conducted in 2017 by Cornell University. According to the study, spending money on experiences, rather than physical items tends to make people happier. That’s because we quickly get used to objects, meaning the happiness experienced after a purchase fades over time. On the contrary, experiences such as a visit to turtle island Malaysia, continually bring us joy every time we remember them.

  1. Travelling Helps You Know Yourself Better

Travelling presents an opportunity for people to broaden their horizons and learn their limits. Going to a new place alone allows you to reconnect with your inner self, and know what you really want the influence of others. Nothing can beat the ability to explore the world while exploring yourself.

  1. It Boosts Self-Confidence

According to a study conducted by, 65% of surveyed travellers said their first experiences abroad increased their self-confidence. According to Amandine Legrand, a blogger and psychologist, travelling is ideal for self-confidence as it provides numerous opportunities to excel at your own pace and without external pressures.

  1. You Get to Adapt More Easily

The ability to adapt to any situation is a vital requirement for most employees. The experiences you get while travelling can be useful in the workplace as you become more brave and resourceful.

  1. Helps You Take a Step Back

More often than not, travelling gives you the much-needed break in order to see your life from a different perspective. You are not running away from your responsibilities or problems, but rather stepping back in order to solve an issue. Facing other realities presents an opportunity to re-assess your priorities and learn how to see things in a new light.

  1. You Get a Sense of Open-Mindedness

While on the road, you discover that cultural references change your image of the world. When you put yourself in other people’s shoes, you gain a better understanding and this increases your field of vision. Engaging with other ideas, morals, values and mindsets can be uncomfortable for many at first, but it eventually makes you more open and stronger.

  1. Travelling Keeps You Young

According to a study conducted by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (GCATCR) in collaboration with the United States Travel Association, travelling keeps people healthy. According to the study, women who go on holiday after every 6 years are more likely to develop heart disease or heart attack, as opposed to those who take a break and travel at least twice a year.

  1. Travelling Leaves You Feeling More ZEN

In another study done by the United States Travel Association and the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center, about 90% of travellers experience a substantial reduction in stress levels after one or two days. However, the challenge is keeping this mindset once vacation is over.

  1. You Get to Try New Food

One of the best things about travelling is that you get to try new food, which adds to amazing experiences. Everyone likes the taste of new cuisines and as a traveller, this is something bound to make you happy.