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The Importance of Scaffolding

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When most people hear of a construction site, they instantly picture a partially finished building surrounded by a tall, steel structure that workers use to manoeuvre while going about their tasks. This structure is known as scaffolding and it’s one …

Which Is the Best Marble for Kitchen Countertops?

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There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to marbles, and this can sometimes make it hard for people to choose the best one for their kitchen. All kitchens are not the same. What might …

Techniques to Boost the Morale of Employees

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It’s dark outside. It’s cold. You’re now in your third lockdown from the time the pandemic began, and days are moving fast, where you spend most of your time with colleagues making long Teams calls, having not met in person …

How the Pandemic Changed How People Use Social Media

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The story about social media has been about cutting down on usage, especially in recent years. Spending less time on social media platforms, putting less personal information in the public domain, and being more mindful of one’s behaviour on social …

Reasons Why You Need Our Recruitment Agency

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For most people, these are difficult times since many people are losing their businesses and even their jobs. So, it isn’t necessary to beat a dead horse regarding the current world climate.

With that said, there are still a lot …

Five Reasons Why Individuals Buy Antiques

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People who love to buy and collect antiques have different justifications for spending some of their hard-earned money on items that are hundreds of years old. It may appear to be absurd to some people to purchase items that tend …

The Changes In Website Development Over The Years

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If you think about the internet, at least a decade ago, you’d realize how different it was then compared to modern times. The devices we have now such as smartphones didn’t even exist. The main internet browser was Internet Explorer …

Are Hospitality Brands Offering What Consumers Want?

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The Covid outbreak has been with us for one year now and has drastically changed our usual way of life. We have had to alter our eating habits and daily attitudes, and human activities in general.

Amidst these changes, opportunities …

A peek into the plastic industry.

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The 1950s saw the beginning of the mass production of plastics. Over the decades, this has increased tremendously. In the ’50s, 1.7 million tons of plastic were being produced annually, but now in 2014, 311 million tons of plastics are …

Auto Suspension (Car Suspension) Demystified

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To the avid driver who is constantly behind the wheel, the suspension or shock absorbers is the one thing that can’t be spoken highly of enough. By preventing the undesirable bumps while driving along rough roads, the suspension helps prevent …