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11 Plus Exam – Topic Overview

Do you know what the 11 Plus Exam is? Are you not sure about it? It is important to note that it has several different names like Grammar School Test, Eleven Plus, or 11+. Well, do not worry about it because, through this handy guide, you will get to know what it is and provide guidance through the process. If you need 11+ tuition please see Marie Redmond Tuition.

What Is 11 Plus?

11 Plus is a type of selective entrance exam that is taken by pupils in year six. Back before the 1970s, the test was compulsory for all children, but today it is not. Today, it is taken by those in the area where gramma is required (gramma schools) and selective independent schools. The goal of taking the examination is to determine the academic ability and potential of a pupil. In England, there are currently over 160 grammar schools (but the 11 Plus examination was officially discontinued in Northern Ireland back in 2008).

Is There A Set Pass Rate?

The truth is that the 11 Plus pass rate varies greatly across the country. However, it is important to note that in some of the most popular schools, there may be as many as 30 applicants competing for one spot. As such, the pass rate will differ based on the competitive nature of the school place. Different examination boards are used to administer the test, which means the pass rate will differ. It is wise to find more information regarding each school’s exam information.

What Kind Of 11 Plus Examination Will My Child Have To Take?

The 11 Plus exam comes with four main subjects. These main subjects include: –

• English
• Maths
• Non-verbal Reasoning
• Verbal Reasoning

As such, the combination of the kind of subject given to a child varies from one grammar school to the next. Furthermore, the layout of the paper and examination length will vary based on the areas and examination board. Your child may be required to do all four subjects or a combination of a few.

Will My Child Have To Sit For More Than One Exam?

A majority of the selective grammar schools have more than one round of testing, and the 11 Plus examination is most likely going to be made with more than one paper. Sometimes the separate papers will be tested on the same day with a short break in between, and some schools will offer different tests over several days.

Some grammar institutes are part of a conglomerate. What does this mean? Well, if your child sits for one set of tests and they succeed, they become eligible to apply to a group of grammar schools. If you are applying to multiple grammar schools (not part of Conglomerate), your child will have to sit for several sets of tests.

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