Why moss on the roof is damaging your property?

Moss growth on roofs for a long period of time can be very damaging for the structural integrity of the roof as well as the interior of the house. Moss growth is very natural and most seen in damp ad moist areas. As moist retention is the way by which moss grows, surfaces that are shaded, and stay away from direct sunlight for most of their time become easy targets.

Roofs of houses become one such place. Moss tends to grow in the spaces between the shingles on the roof and as it becomes thicker by retaining water, the spaces can increase and shingles might get pulled apart. This can lead to leakage in the roof and sometimes even through the walls inside the house.

Remedies for removing moss from roofs:

Moss can be removed in a few basic steps. The person can start by spraying water from a hose on their roofs. The pressure of the spray nozzle should not be very high to protect any damages that the shingles might face. Chlorine bleach is a very good remedy that acts most effectively.

A 50/50 solution of chlorine bleach (more about mixing bleach here) and water can be sprayed generously on the moss. Care should be taken that the person handling the bleach should have rubber gloves on to prevent any exposure to the chemicals. The mixture should be allowed to sit on the roof for about half an hour. This mixture is not plant-friendly and as soon as it is done with killing the moss, it runs along the roof down into your garden. So, the plants below should be either covered or removed before any spraying is done.

After 30 minutes, the water hose can be used again at a low pressure to rinse the roof off the chemical and the moss. If any remains are left on the roof which could not be scrapped out, a leaf blower can be used to remove them. If a person doesn’t want to prepare their own solution, they can use one of the many roof cleaners that are already present in the market. Wet and Forget Moss Remover or the Bayer 1-in-1 Moss or Spray & Forget Revolutionary Concentrated Roof Cleaner are some of the best available products in the market which are effective on moss and help in their easy removal. Other than these a soft-bristled brush can also be used to remove the moss growth.

Prevention of moss growth on the roof:

Moss growth can be prevented in many ways. Regular cleaning of the roof is a good way of checking any moss growth that might have occurred. Trees growing near or over the roof should have their branches trimmed to protect the roof from excessive moss growth.

Zinc or copper strips should be installed on the ridges of the roof as their ions, when mixed with water, come in contact with the moss, they immediately kill the moss and prevent from further growth. Vinegar is also a natural substitute for bleach and helps in killing moss. Best option would be hiring someone to do this for you, so check moss removal experts in your area to do this for you. Thus, having moss on the roof is not a very huge deal if proper care is taken in time. Leaving the moss as it is can harm the roof but treating it properly can help in keeping the roof clean and free from moss all year long.

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