When it comes to taking care of chores, there are a lot of things involved than meets the eye. Three groups of people come to mind when talking about a topic like this.

⦁ People who want their homes so clean and spotless that one can eat off the floors if they wish.

⦁ Those who believe that no one can clean their “space” as meticulously as they will (in their defense, have you noticed how dust likes corners of the house more than anywhere else?) and the other extreme of the spectrum.

⦁ Those who pretty much do not care about how much energy should be put into chores; for them, the baseline is that the house is clean enough to be inhabited.

Before I go further, which of the categories do you belong? Well, it truly does not matter because one way or another, you must clean your carpets (except you are gunning for a Guinness Record for having the dirtiest house in the world).

When cleaning the house, there are some parts of the house as well as some accessories that need extra care and attention. Examples of these places include the bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen while examples of the accessories include curtains, carpets, etc.

You will readily agree that as much as carpets give a classy touch to your home, they are also not easy to clean. Cleaning carpets become more “intense” and needed when you have kids and pets in the house. So, to clean your carpet(s), would you rather do it yourself (DIY) or have a professional come do the job for you?

Things to Consider before Cleaning your Carpet

There are a few things that you will need to consider which will influence your decision to either clean your carpet by yourself or to have it cleaned professionally. Some of these things include:

⦁ Size and Material of Carpet: This is one of the most important factors to think about when deciding on how to clean your carpet. If the carpet has a small surface area, then you can clean it by yourself without any hassles. If the carpet is quite sizeable on the other hand, then it will be quite strenuous to clean the carpet ‘DIY style’. There will also be a great chance that the carpet will not be as clean as you want it.

Another thing to consider is the nature of the carpet. Is it made of nylon? Or fur? Is the carpet made of synthetic material that needs to be handled with care? Carpets that are made of delicate material will need to clean by a professional so as not to damage it or shorten the lifespan of the product.

⦁ Traffic within the house: Do you have pets? Or kids that are quite active and run around the house a lot? Is your house a good venue for holding frequent meetings and classes? Or even parties? These are things to consider as the answer to these questions influence how frequently your carpet should be cleaned. And the frequency is tied to your schedule and whether you have the time or not.

⦁ Frequency of cleaning: Depending on the type of carpet, many manufacturers indicate how frequently the carpet should be washed after purchase. The ideal average frequency to professionally clean (steam-wash) a carpet is everyone year.

Cleaning your Carpet by Yourself (DIY Carpet Cleaning)

The DIY method of cleaning usually involves using hot water and a special cleaning solution (or shampoo) to hose down your carpet and then drying the carpet either through the use of a carpet cleaning machine or with the use of fans till the carpet is a little damp yet clean. There are some pros and cons to the DIY method, and they include.


⦁ The DIY process keeps you in control of the cleaning from start to finish.

⦁ Sometimes, it is cheaper than professional cleaning.

⦁ If you just want to carry out surface cleaning of your carpet, then the DIY method is most suitable!


⦁ Not all the dirt may be removed through DIY.

⦁ It can be quite stressful.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning company in Maui Nathans says there are normally two types kinds of cleaning strategies. There is the use of a carpet cleaning machine (that is either portable or mounted to a truck) which uses hot water, a cleaning solution, and an extractor to clean your carpet and remove the dirt and water faster and easier than the DIY method. The other method is employing the services of a cleaning service.


⦁ There is a lower chance of damaging the carpet and a higher chance of carrying out thorough cleaning.

⦁ It is quite convenient as it takes away all the stress involved in DIY cleaning.

⦁ You will most likely get value for money!


⦁ Professional cleaning is quite expensive.
It is advisable to carry out professional carpet cleaning as this elongates the lifespan of the carpet while deep cleaning it. However, if it is a small carpet that needs simple cleaning; do not hesitate to clean it yourself and have fun while doing it!