Most overlooked places in and on your house that are just dirty

1. Cell phone

Let’s be not surprised by the number one. We all know that we use our phones everywhere even in our bathroom. Other thing is that we never clean our phones and sterilized them because they just look nice and shiny when swiped with peace of cloth.

2. Toothbrush holder

We never look in to the places like our mug or a holder for toothbrushes. From personal experience I have to say that is dirty to the power of 3. Check it and clean it.

3. Roof

Most people don’t know but the green and yellow stains on our roofs are mold and moss. Those things are bad for allergic in your house and it will destroy your house roof tiles overtime. New roof will cost you 20-30 times more then cleaning your roof once in a while. Find a professional service now.

4. Attic

Going back to the last point. If you are not aware of state of your roof and attic, chances are it’s bad already. Mold and fungus are thriving there and transforming your walls in to black and white strange peace of art. On top of that they are slowly creeping in to your bedroom to take your good health away.

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